Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Last Resorts

“Smells like a Bothan. If we’re looking to get any work done we’ve come the wrong place. If we’re looking to get stabbed in the back we’ve come to the right one.” —Rash Atticus

The crew of the Krayt Fang made its way back through hyperspace from the mining station on Gavos to Lokba the Hutt’s headquarters on Aduba III. Over the course of the long journey, MaBeno Raysinger received some sad news: his parents, two Twi’lek diplomats living on Coruscant, had been found dead in their home. At first reluctant to share this information with his companions, with a little bit of coaxing and some Corellian Brandy he let slip that he had come from an important political family on the Twi’lek homeworld of Ryloth. MaBeno had run afoul of the Empire in the past, and suspected that the death of his parents was not a natural one, as the Galactic News Network had claimed.

The Krayt Fang soon slipped into realspace in the Aduba system, but due to an astrogation error, the ship was flung into the path of a comet which nicked its hull. No further damage was done, however, thanks to the expert piloting of Kess Dantares.

Just moments later, in orbit over Aduba III, the ship picked up a coded distress call from R4-W9. Though Skraw had difficulty in decrypting the message, it seemed clear that trouble had occurred at Lokba’s resort and R4 was desperate for help. The crew quickly proceeded to the planet’s surface.

Using the ships sensors, the team was able to discern that R4 had holed up in the northeast tower of the resort. They landed the ship and began to investigate the palace courtyard where they found a few bodies but were unable to get in through the main entrance, instead having to enter through the sewer passageway.

Wanting to find the helpless droid as quickly as possible, the crew quickly made their way through the sewer system below the resort. Discovering an electronically locked door in the basement, however, they decided to investigate further and stumbled upon two glitterstim addicts, Ti-Tiro and Glem, who were bingeing on the cratefuls of the drug that had been previously delivered to Lokba by the Krayt Fang’s crew. The two junkies informed the team that many of Lokba’s servants, upset by his failure to pay their wages, had started a skirmish a few hours before. MaBeno, covetous of Glem and Ti’Tiro’s backpacks, attempted to threaten them by dumping out the backpacks and using coercive language. They were unphased by these threats and tense scene ensued, with the crew ultimately agreeing to buy the backpacks from them.

They then proceeded up a stairwell where they came upon a familiar Bothan named Kel Kaethal who worked as a pilot for Lokba and had just returned to the resort from Tatooine. He seemed as confused as they were about the state of the resort, which appeared to be in grave disarray. Kaethal agreed to accompany them to find Lokba.

The crew then made their way to the bathhouse on the first floor. Because the elevators appeared to be broken, they resolved to use the bathhouse balcony to access the second floor. Fortunately, Kel Kaethal had a cable attachment to his blaster and was able to climb up to the balcony, where the sounds of blaster fire could be heard. Rash Atticus and MaBeno were able to climb the cable. Skraw and Kess, after several embarassing attempts, failed to climb it and resolved to find another way up.

Kaethal, Rash, and MaBeno then found themselves in the middle of a hallway firefight between a group of dissenters and a pair of Lokba’s Wookiee bodyguards. Unable to get Kel Kaethal to choose a side, Rash and MaBeno eventually began firing on the Wookiees who became enraged and charged them. Meanwhile, Skraw and Kess made their way up the west stairwell and managed to convince the dissenters to unbarricade the stairwell door and join them on the second floor.

After a tense bout of combat in which Rash was nearly strangled to death, the Wookiees were eventually defeated and the gang of looters was able to make their way across the hall to Lokba’s trophy room, where several valuable objects were said to be kept. Kess Dantares was particularly interested in an old jedi weapon that was allegedly displayed there. After breaking into the trophy room the looters found a hingeless box on a pedestal in the center of the room, as well as a slew of other artifacts from the period before the rise of the Empire. Upon touching the pedestal, however, a mysterious red mist began to permeate the room and Kess, MaBeno, and most of the looters fell to the floor unconscious…


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