Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Race Against Time

“I’m no one’s FUCKING droid. Call me someone’s droid again and you’re dead.” —Skraw

Having escaped the clutches of a menacing load lifter droid at the entrance to the Gavos mineshafts, the crew descended into the darkness of the tunnels. It wasn’t long before they came upon a waystation deep within the mine that was full of terrified miners. Led by the Mining Chief, a human named Marv Moray, the surviving miners had holed up at the waystation after receiving an ominous call from one of their associates on the surface that ended in blaster-fire and static. The miners had become increasingly nervous as a series of broken intercom alerts had informed them that the storm barrier generators were being disabled one by one.

Comparing notes, Marv and the crew of the Krayt Fang deduced that the station’s Storm IV Cloud Car had been taken by the pilot droid called “Lookout” who was disabling the storm barrier generators in an effort to destroy the energy field that held Gavos’ toxic storms at bay. Realizing that they had very little time, the crew decided to make a run for their ship and go out into the atmosphere and destroy the Cloud Car.

As they hurried back to the surface with the surviving miners close behind, the team found the station deserted—the mutinous droids had already departed with the broken pieces of their leader EV-8D3, having stolen the gun-runner’s tiny freighter on landing pad B. Kess, MaBena, and Rash made a mad dash for the Krayt Fang with two of the surviving miners while Skraw stayed behind to demand that Marv Moray open the safe containing the mining station’s assets.

Sensors were able to pick up the signature of the Cloud Car through the storm and MaBeno made short work of the Lookout’s ship in a single blast of laser fire from the Krayt Fang’s guns. Meanwhile, Skraw began to haggle with Marv Moray about what was to be done with the 165,000 credits in the safe under his desk, as Lokba the Hutt had demanded that the crew return with 100,000 credits in mining profits.

The rest of the crew then joined Skraw in the chief’s office where Marv complained that the workers were underpaid and that almost all of their droids had escaped or been destroyed and would need to be replaced. It would be impossible, he said, to pay Lokba the required amount and still keep the mine running. Wanting as much of the money as possible, the team argued that the miners owed them their lives and had little room to bargain. With the exception of Kess, the crew quickly became cruel with Marv. Skraw repeatedly backhanded the old miner for implying that he was property. MaBeno, despite having promised to control himself, returned to form and attempted to murder Marv, being prevented only in the last moment by the fast reflexes of Kess Dantares. Broken, Marv finally acquiesced and told them to take the money, calling them “pirates” and spitting out his own bloody teeth. In a gesture of what nobody could reasonably refer to as kindness, the crew left Gavos with only 141,000 of the credits, leaving 24,000 to pay for the miner’s wages and possible passage off of the nightmarish planet.

The crew then debated about their next move: would they return to Aduba III to pay Lokba the Hutt or proceed directly to The Wheel where they imagined themselves winning a high-stakes sabacc tournament? They eventually opted to return to the Hutt, hoping to negotiate some kind of release from Lokba’s service, and a course was set for Aduba III


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