Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Return to Formos

Licking their wounds from the abuse they had sustained at the hands of C3-P9, the crew made their way back through the hyperlane connecting the Aduba and Formos systems. The Krayt Fang docked at the Formos Spaceport and the crew purchased a significant amount of fuel from spaceport control, ostensibly in preparation for the long trip to The Wheel. Badly in need of repairs, Scraw opted to remain with the ship and make use of the tools in the Number Two Hold.
Kess, Rash, and MaBeno took along Roo Bee Rey and were not long in getting into trouble on the streets of the Formos Spaceport. Perhaps still adjusting to the arid climate of Formos, Kess and Rash failed to notice as MaBeno disappeared into an alleyway. They found him moments later with a vibroknife slash across his chest and at the mercy of Snoo, the Formos infochant. The Devaronian had previously been a Zann Consortium contact for MaBeno and was attempting to blackmail him, demanding credits in exchange for keeping silent about MaBeno and Rash’s whereabouts. The crew agreed to pay him off, buying themselves one hour on Formos before Snoo contacted his associates. In the confusion, however, Roo Bee Rey managed to escape.
Further trouble followed at the Formos town square. The crew spotted Zukata Netakka amid a group of rough-looking Rodians, a few of whom then grabbed her and took off on a pair of Flare-S Swoop Bikes. Knowing they would have to act fast, the crew grabbed a couple of speeders of their own which appeared to belong to the same group of Rodians. A chase ensued through the dry and rugged canyon leading out into the Formos Wastes during which MaBeno and Kess were able to overtake the speeder that had taken Zukata. Rash Atticus disabled the other speeder allowing him the opportunity to physically and verbally abuse its pilot, and learned that the Rodians were members of the violent Yiyar Clan. Having been apprised of the situation via comlink, Scraw piloted the Krayt Fang out of the spaceport and in a heroic maneuver was able to block the exit to the canyon and give Zukata an opportunity to jump off of the swoop before it disappeared into a distant copse.
As the dust settled, Zukata and Godon Netakka were reunited and Zukata gratefully paid the crew for her brother’s safe return. Abashed, Godon departed with his sister. Having finished their errand, the crew took the Krayt Fang into orbit and prepared for the journey to Gavos, there to investigate Lokba’s newly acquired oridium mine.


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