Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

RIP Lokba the Hutt

“I don’t charm. I coerce.” —Rash Atticus

Finding themselves choking to death due to a poisonous gas in Lokba the Hutt’s booby-trapped trophy chamber, our heroes managed to come to their senses and escape, with Skraw grabbing the mysterious hingeless box that was the chamber’s centerpiece. Rash Atticus, having never lost consciousness, was able to heroically carry an unconscious Kess Dantares and avoid a brawny looter while Skraw dragged MaBeno to safety and then locked the door.

It wasn’t long before the team realized that Kel Kaethal, the Bothan pilot they had befriended, was nowhere to be found. As the smell of smoke on the floor above reminded them of the peril of their friend R4-W9, they made their way to the east stairwell where a thermal detonator had apparently destroyed the stairs. Kess and Rash were able to climb up the twisted durasteel bars jutting out from the detonated stairway, while MaBeno and Skraw could not muster the strength and would have to find another way up.

Finding themselves on the third floor, Kess and Rash spotted Kel Kaethal at the opposite end of the hall looking down into the west elevator shaft, while near him was the slumped figure of one of Lokba’s wookiee bodyguards. A fire raged behind him, engulfing most of the western half of the third floor. Kess stealthily hid herself in a doorway while Rash brashly marched down the hall and attempted to intimidate Kel. Kel repeatedly warned Rash to halt but he would not, and the Bothan was forced to open fire, first sending a pair of blaster shots into the elevator shaft saying “Teemo sends his regards” and then firing on Rash, blasting him in the thigh. By this time, Skraw and MaBeno had realized that the east elevator had been repaired by Kel while everyone was in the trophy chamber and arrived at the third floor. Everyone opened fire on Kel despite his attempts to flee into the flames. With Kel Kaethal dead, Skraw immediately pounced on his corpse to retrieve his cool harpoon gun. Upon peering into the elevator shaft, our heroes found the greasy and bloated body of Lokba the Hutt. Evidently, Kel had been sent by Teemo the Hutt of Tatooine to double-cross Lokba and assassinate him.

Not long afterwards, R4-W9 was found cowering in the east tower and he was overjoyed to see Skraw and also the other three. He explained that Lokba’s employees had revolted after his failure to pay them. He had been deeply in debt to Teemo and a number of other Hutts and his debts had finally caught up with him. It now being unnecessary to deliver the money that the crew had beaten out of the miner’s on Gavos, they set a course for the wheel to settle their debt for the Krayt Fang with Damon Paris.


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