Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Robot Revolt!

“Move fast. It’s only a matter of time before we’re suckin’ on ammonium nitrate.” —Rash Atticus

The Krayt Fang made its way from Formos through Hutt Space to the tiny mining world of Gavos. During the day and half of travel time, the crew was able to heal some of their wounds and further bond as a team. The trip passed otherwise without incident and they were soon in view of the swirling yellow-green clouds of Gavos’ toxic atmosphere.
Upon arriving on the surface, however, the crew quickly realized that their mission to Gavos was anything but a routine investigation of the mining operation’s value. MaBeno Raysinger agreed openly that he would curb his penchant for rash behavior on this mission, and the crew proceeded slowly from the landing pad into the small mining station, the tiny planet’s only structure. They were surprised to find that the station was eerily deserted, and the only detectable life signs appeared to be many kilometers below the surface. Despite the slicer-droid Skraw’s attempts to hurry the party along, the crew proceeded slowly from room to room, rifling through desks, cabinets, and personal belongings and taking any credits they could find. It was not long before they discovered several dead bodies, some crammed into refreshers and four corpses completely unhidden, apparently killed by blaster-fire at a table in the station’s canteen while a rudimentary cook droid went about his business, oblivious to the macabre spectacle before him.
The crew also came upon a deactivated reception droid that they struggled to bring back online. He called himself 3D-4K and could not explain the strange state of affairs, claiming that the last thing he could recall was a conversation with the taskmaster droid EV-8D3 about droid performance. Clearly confused, 3D-4K agreed to come along with the team.
Exploring the station further, they discovered the mine chief’s office which contained a computer that Skraw was able to hack into and locate some ominous security footage. They also discovered a safe that allegedly contained 165,000 credits, the current total assets of the Gavos mine. They were unable to open it. They also found, on the station’s secondary landing bay, a small freighter which contained empty crates apparently used to smuggle weapons. At the same time, they began to hear a series of frightening automated intercom messages telling them that the station’s storm barriers were being compromised one by one.
Eventually, the crew reached the cargo room and mine entrance, which was filled with unarmed droids moving crates. Skraw was sent in alone to communicate with them, where he was questioned by the taskmaster droid EV-8D3. Skraw lied to EV-8D3, telling him that his companions in the other room were droids, but when two humans and a Twi’lek burst in, Skraw’s clumsy deception was revealed and the droids drew blasters from various hiding places and began firing them. A massive gunfight ensued, quickly leaving 3D-4K dead. In addition to several standard battledroids, EV-8D3 utilized a pair of large load lifter droids to bludgeon our heroes to near unconsciousness. As the tide of battle turned, EV and a few surviving droids attempted to retreat back into the mining station, but taskmaster was gunned down by MaBeno in a final volley of laser fire. Still pursued by one of the heavily armored load lifters, the crew decided to cut their losses and retreat into the mine as a fourth storm barrier generator went offline…


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