Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

The Hunt for Bandin Dobah

Awaking refreshed in Daro Blunt’s hideout after the first evening’s events, the gang and their new astromech companion returned to the Rii Jenks Cantina to meet the pilot of the Krayt Fang, a dinged-up YT-1300 light freighter that they were meant to purchase for Lokba the Hutt. At the cantina they met a human calling himself Damon Paris and his medical droid, C48-40. Though handsome, Paris seemed anxious and shifty and wanted ten times the amount Lokba the Hutt had provided. Sensing something was awry, either on Lokba’s end or on Damon’s, the team grilled the human and got him to confess that he and his crew were in hot water and anxious to sell the freighter. He introduced them to his Wookiee associate and took them to the ship, agreeing to loan the Krayt Fang to Kess Dantares and her team for 10,000 credits and a few guns. They were to meet Damon Paris in three weeks time on The Wheel, a massive space-station in the Mid Rim where they would work out details for paying off the rest of the money they owed.

After inspecting the ship and finding it only mildly damaged, a deal was struck and Paris disappeared with his companions. A thorough search of the Krayt Fang, however, revealed a mysterious Kubaz lurking in the hidden smuggling panels of the freighter’s floor. The Kubaz was subdued by MaBeno Raysinger but would not answer when questioned. Frustrated, the team locked the interloper in the Number Three Hold and proceeded to the Kessel Run, there to root out and apprehend the pirate Bandin Dobah.

Dobah’s hideout was discovered inside a large asteroid not far from the mouth of the Run. Using the passcodes they had discovered in Blunt’s hideout, the team bypassed the security probe orbiting the asteroid and navigated their way through its labyrinth of tunnels. It wasn’t long before they discovered a small one-man spacecraft that had been damaged beyond repair in a small alcove. Scraw was able to learn from the ship’s logs that it had belonged to Godon Netakka, the Rodian bounty hunter who had disappeared searching for Dobah.

After brief encounter with a flock of troublesome mynocks, they discovered another ship in a larger cave of the asteroid. It was a YV-666 Medium Freighter whose generator was being used to create a large pressure curtain protecting the cave. The team landed and inspected the cave chamber, discovering several large crates with intricate locks. Kess, Scraw, and Rycar then proceeded to enter the YV-666 while MaBeno manned the Krayt Fang’s guns in case anything unexpected should happen.

Violence quickly broke out inside the ship despite the team’s attempts at subtlety. A shootout in the ship’s cargo hold and common room ensued as Bandin Dobah and a number of his cronies were alerted to the presence of Kess, Scraw, and Rycar. Sensing trouble, MaBeno quickly made his way into the ship to back the team up. Upon entering, the mysterious Twi’lek bolted his way to the ship’s central computer and locked the doors, leaving Kess Dantares to suffer a critical injury at the hands of a vicious Weequay pirate. In the end, however, the pirates were overwhelmed and either killed or captured. Dobah himself was stunned and bound.

Searching the ship, the crew found a number of crates containing glitterstim, a precious and illegal stimulant mined from the planet Kessel. It wasn’t long however, before a rapping sound was heard from the locked door of one of the escape pods. Guns ready, the team unlocked the door and revealed a confused and anxious Rodian…


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