Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

The Screams

From the Secret Journal Of Rash Atticus

Every day this stolen ship plunges deeper and deeper into the heart of the galaxy, and every day I grow farther and farther apart from the Star Team.

My time with Skraw and Kess and MaBeno seems unbearably distant, unbearably brief. We saved each other lives* a dozen times over; so often that we barely realized what a great time we were having as we did it. As I look forward to what will almost certainly be my death at the hands of Imperial Torture-bots, as I endure and recover from the endless major surgeries needed to help me escape identification by the forces that stand guard at the galactic core, my betrayal of the team seems at times so cruel and useless that I hork up my lunch all over the place.

Does the team still live? Did they escape Cholganna? When I travelled with them, I dreamt always of Jonuna Showany. Now, without them, I dream only of their screams.

I also really should have deleted my browser history in R4-W9.

*In Skraw’s case, we saved an empty husk of a simulated pseudo-life.


rohanflinn unckles

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