Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Trouble on the Krayt Fang

The crew woke from their suites in Lokba the Hutt’s resort headquarters and prepared for a final audience before leaving Aduba III. As our heroes met in the hallway, however, it became clear that the man calling himself Rycar Ryjerd was not himself and seemed disoriented and barely able to speak. In Lokba’s audience chamber, the Hutt informed the crew that he had outfitted the Krayt Fang with a number of supplies and amenities and wished them a pleasant journey to the mine on Gavos. The plucky astromech R4-W9, wishing to see Bandin Dobah put to justice, opted to stay on Aduba III but promised to rejoin the crew should they return in a few weeks.
On the way back to the ship, it was revealed that MaBeno Raysinger had drugged Rycar the previous night and questioned him under pressure from the Zann Consortium, a powerful crime syndicate. Rycar Ryjerd, whose real name is Rash Atticus, has a murky history with Tyber Zann and MaBeno had been sent to apprehend him. Angry with Raysinger, Atticus attempted to strike the shifty Twi’lek but the fight was broken up by Kess and Scraw. Apologizing for his betrayal, MaBeno offered to share some of the credits he had accrued from cooperating with the Consortium and a tentative understanding was reached among the crew members.
No sooner had they entered the Krayt Fang when they were set upon by the droid C3-P9, evidently an agent of the Zann Consortium posing as a translator for Lokba, along with two powerful battledroids. C3-P9 ordered MaBeno to take the disruptor pistol from Kess and bind her and Scraw while he dealt with Rash Atticus. Deciding that there was no time for ruses, MaBeno immediately fired his weapon. A dangerous skirmish ensued, during which the battledroids were killed and C3-P9 was gunned down by MaBeno as he tried to escape. Scraw was also seriously damaged, requiring massive repairs, and the inner door of the Krayt Fang airlock was destroyed. As more battledroids appeared around the ship, the crew decided to take off and make their way back to Formos, there to negotiate the return of Godon Netakka to his sister Zukata…


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