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Rendezvous at Formos
"This isn't the first time I've killed..."

Four renegades have made their way to the backwater spaceport of Formos, an arid Outer Rim planet situated near the entrance to the Kessel Run. At the behest of the gangster Lokba the Hutt, a plucky young pilot named Kess Dantares has assembled a team to investigate the whereabouts of the upstart pirate Bandin Dobah. Lokba has sent with her two others: a grim human gun-for-hire named Rycar Ryjerd and the cunning slicer-droid Scraw. A fourth member, a mysterious Twi’lek with an itchy trigger-finger named MaBeno Raysinger, has joined the team as an extra pair of hands.

At the Rii Jenks Cantina, the team made contact with Snoo, an information broker who told them about Dobah’s hidden base and his hierarchy of smuggling cells. They also met the beautiful Rodian Zukata who has been searching for her brother, Godon Netakka, a bounty hunter who went after Bandin Dobah. The team then quickly became embroiled with a gang of smugglers operating out of Formos led by the twin-gunned villain Daro Blunt. They also witnessed the last moments of the droid J9-B8, who begged them to save his friend, the astromech unit R4-W9, from Blunt’s gang. The two machines had been accosted by Daro Blunt and J9-B8 was battered beyond repair.

After a streetfight in which MaBeno was critically injured, the adventurers apprehended Daro Blunt’s lieutenant, Spir, abusing him and forcing him to reveal the location of the gang’s safe house. He did so, and they proceeded to the hideout under cover of night.

Once there, Scraw was able to penetrate the safehouse’s computer system from an outdoor power generator and make contact with the kidnapped droid R4-W9. Through a series of clumsy ruses, the team was able to kill Daro Blunt’s cronies and capture Daro himself. They interrogated Blunt for details about Bandin Dobah’s hidden base on an asteroid in the Kessel Run and the possible change of allegiance of the bounty hunter Godon Netakka. As Kess, Scraw, and Rycar discussed what to do with Blunt, MaBeno pulled out his blaster and killed him, dragging his body into the bathroom of the hideout. The group then drifted into restless sleep…

The Hunt for Bandin Dobah

Awaking refreshed in Daro Blunt’s hideout after the first evening’s events, the gang and their new astromech companion returned to the Rii Jenks Cantina to meet the pilot of the Krayt Fang, a dinged-up YT-1300 light freighter that they were meant to purchase for Lokba the Hutt. At the cantina they met a human calling himself Damon Paris and his medical droid, C48-40. Though handsome, Paris seemed anxious and shifty and wanted ten times the amount Lokba the Hutt had provided. Sensing something was awry, either on Lokba’s end or on Damon’s, the team grilled the human and got him to confess that he and his crew were in hot water and anxious to sell the freighter. He introduced them to his Wookiee associate and took them to the ship, agreeing to loan the Krayt Fang to Kess Dantares and her team for 10,000 credits and a few guns. They were to meet Damon Paris in three weeks time on The Wheel, a massive space-station in the Mid Rim where they would work out details for paying off the rest of the money they owed.

After inspecting the ship and finding it only mildly damaged, a deal was struck and Paris disappeared with his companions. A thorough search of the Krayt Fang, however, revealed a mysterious Kubaz lurking in the hidden smuggling panels of the freighter’s floor. The Kubaz was subdued by MaBeno Raysinger but would not answer when questioned. Frustrated, the team locked the interloper in the Number Three Hold and proceeded to the Kessel Run, there to root out and apprehend the pirate Bandin Dobah.

Dobah’s hideout was discovered inside a large asteroid not far from the mouth of the Run. Using the passcodes they had discovered in Blunt’s hideout, the team bypassed the security probe orbiting the asteroid and navigated their way through its labyrinth of tunnels. It wasn’t long before they discovered a small one-man spacecraft that had been damaged beyond repair in a small alcove. Scraw was able to learn from the ship’s logs that it had belonged to Godon Netakka, the Rodian bounty hunter who had disappeared searching for Dobah.

After brief encounter with a flock of troublesome mynocks, they discovered another ship in a larger cave of the asteroid. It was a YV-666 Medium Freighter whose generator was being used to create a large pressure curtain protecting the cave. The team landed and inspected the cave chamber, discovering several large crates with intricate locks. Kess, Scraw, and Rycar then proceeded to enter the YV-666 while MaBeno manned the Krayt Fang’s guns in case anything unexpected should happen.

Violence quickly broke out inside the ship despite the team’s attempts at subtlety. A shootout in the ship’s cargo hold and common room ensued as Bandin Dobah and a number of his cronies were alerted to the presence of Kess, Scraw, and Rycar. Sensing trouble, MaBeno quickly made his way into the ship to back the team up. Upon entering, the mysterious Twi’lek bolted his way to the ship’s central computer and locked the doors, leaving Kess Dantares to suffer a critical injury at the hands of a vicious Weequay pirate. In the end, however, the pirates were overwhelmed and either killed or captured. Dobah himself was stunned and bound.

Searching the ship, the crew found a number of crates containing glitterstim, a precious and illegal stimulant mined from the planet Kessel. It wasn’t long however, before a rapping sound was heard from the locked door of one of the escape pods. Guns ready, the team unlocked the door and revealed a confused and anxious Rodian…

Return to Aduba III

The two Rodians discovered in the escape pod, one male and one female, thanked Kess and the crew of the Krayt Fang for rescuing them. The male, Godon Netakka, claimed to have been captured by the pirates and locked in the pod. The other, a female introducing herself as Roo Bee Rey, spoke only in riddles. Her manner was peculiar and cryptic and the crew found her inscrutable. They quickly detected deception from Netakka, however, as he was carrying the mechanical key to several large glitterstim crates. He was also armed with a rare and dangerous disruptor pistol which Kess Dantares confiscated before locking Netakka in the Number Three Hold with Dobah and the Kubaz stowaway. Netakka revealed that he had, to his shame, joined Bandin Dobah’s crew under pressure after having crashed his ship in the asteroid tunnels. The crew also confined Roo Bee Rey to the hold, fearing that she may have gone mad.
A more thorough search of Dobah’s ship, The Vagrant, and the surrounding cavern revealed a few credits, a bottle of Corellian Brandy, and even more glitterstim worth tens of thousands of credits. With both Rycar and MaBeno claiming that they had underworld contacts that would buy the glitterstim, the team pondered their next move and decided to first return to Aduba III to turn in Dobah and collect the bounty, keeping the illicit spice a secret from Lokba the Hutt.
As they left the asteroid, however, they were fired upon from a small refitted Z-TIE fighter stationed on the asteroid’s surface. Captain Dantares attempted diplomacy and made contact with the ship’s pilot, agreeing to take him on board if he would come peacefully. Because his fighter was not outfitted for hyperspace travel he complied. But before he could reach the ship a second ship appearing to be a bounty hunter’s vessel swooped in and destroyed the fighter. Kess contacted the vessel and was told by it’s pilot, who appeared to be a Kubaz, that the Krayt Fang belonged to one Teemo the Hutt and to surrender immediately. Unwilling to do so, the team was forced to destroy the enemy vessel.
The Krayt Fang then proceeded to the arid world of Aduba III and Lokba the Hutt’s base of operations in a run-down former resort complex. The crew was received warmly, though they did notice some strange behavior from some of Lokba’s staff. The protocol droid C3-P9 led them to Lokba’s audience chamber where they turned in Bandin Dobah and the Kubaz. They then confronted Lokba about his neglecting to provide them with sufficient funds to purchase the Krayt Fang but he was evasive and cavalier. Lokba told them he would forgive them for their failure to officially obtain the ship if they would run an errand for him on the tiny mining planet Gavos near Nal Hutta, the capitol of Hutt Space. Lokba said that he had acquired an incredibly lucrative oridium mine on Gavos and needed a team to survey it for him. The crew agreed, and also turned over 10,000 credits worth of glitterstim if Lokba would allow them to take ownership of the Krayt Fang once they had paid the balance they owed to Damon Paris on The Wheel in three week’s time. As evening fell, the crew retired to two separate resort suites to rest and heal their wounds. Kess and Scraw took a room together while Rycar and MaBeno took another.

Trouble on the Krayt Fang

The crew woke from their suites in Lokba the Hutt’s resort headquarters and prepared for a final audience before leaving Aduba III. As our heroes met in the hallway, however, it became clear that the man calling himself Rycar Ryjerd was not himself and seemed disoriented and barely able to speak. In Lokba’s audience chamber, the Hutt informed the crew that he had outfitted the Krayt Fang with a number of supplies and amenities and wished them a pleasant journey to the mine on Gavos. The plucky astromech R4-W9, wishing to see Bandin Dobah put to justice, opted to stay on Aduba III but promised to rejoin the crew should they return in a few weeks.
On the way back to the ship, it was revealed that MaBeno Raysinger had drugged Rycar the previous night and questioned him under pressure from the Zann Consortium, a powerful crime syndicate. Rycar Ryjerd, whose real name is Rash Atticus, has a murky history with Tyber Zann and MaBeno had been sent to apprehend him. Angry with Raysinger, Atticus attempted to strike the shifty Twi’lek but the fight was broken up by Kess and Scraw. Apologizing for his betrayal, MaBeno offered to share some of the credits he had accrued from cooperating with the Consortium and a tentative understanding was reached among the crew members.
No sooner had they entered the Krayt Fang when they were set upon by the droid C3-P9, evidently an agent of the Zann Consortium posing as a translator for Lokba, along with two powerful battledroids. C3-P9 ordered MaBeno to take the disruptor pistol from Kess and bind her and Scraw while he dealt with Rash Atticus. Deciding that there was no time for ruses, MaBeno immediately fired his weapon. A dangerous skirmish ensued, during which the battledroids were killed and C3-P9 was gunned down by MaBeno as he tried to escape. Scraw was also seriously damaged, requiring massive repairs, and the inner door of the Krayt Fang airlock was destroyed. As more battledroids appeared around the ship, the crew decided to take off and make their way back to Formos, there to negotiate the return of Godon Netakka to his sister Zukata…

Return to Formos

Licking their wounds from the abuse they had sustained at the hands of C3-P9, the crew made their way back through the hyperlane connecting the Aduba and Formos systems. The Krayt Fang docked at the Formos Spaceport and the crew purchased a significant amount of fuel from spaceport control, ostensibly in preparation for the long trip to The Wheel. Badly in need of repairs, Scraw opted to remain with the ship and make use of the tools in the Number Two Hold.
Kess, Rash, and MaBeno took along Roo Bee Rey and were not long in getting into trouble on the streets of the Formos Spaceport. Perhaps still adjusting to the arid climate of Formos, Kess and Rash failed to notice as MaBeno disappeared into an alleyway. They found him moments later with a vibroknife slash across his chest and at the mercy of Snoo, the Formos infochant. The Devaronian had previously been a Zann Consortium contact for MaBeno and was attempting to blackmail him, demanding credits in exchange for keeping silent about MaBeno and Rash’s whereabouts. The crew agreed to pay him off, buying themselves one hour on Formos before Snoo contacted his associates. In the confusion, however, Roo Bee Rey managed to escape.
Further trouble followed at the Formos town square. The crew spotted Zukata Netakka amid a group of rough-looking Rodians, a few of whom then grabbed her and took off on a pair of Flare-S Swoop Bikes. Knowing they would have to act fast, the crew grabbed a couple of speeders of their own which appeared to belong to the same group of Rodians. A chase ensued through the dry and rugged canyon leading out into the Formos Wastes during which MaBeno and Kess were able to overtake the speeder that had taken Zukata. Rash Atticus disabled the other speeder allowing him the opportunity to physically and verbally abuse its pilot, and learned that the Rodians were members of the violent Yiyar Clan. Having been apprised of the situation via comlink, Scraw piloted the Krayt Fang out of the spaceport and in a heroic maneuver was able to block the exit to the canyon and give Zukata an opportunity to jump off of the swoop before it disappeared into a distant copse.
As the dust settled, Zukata and Godon Netakka were reunited and Zukata gratefully paid the crew for her brother’s safe return. Abashed, Godon departed with his sister. Having finished their errand, the crew took the Krayt Fang into orbit and prepared for the journey to Gavos, there to investigate Lokba’s newly acquired oridium mine.

Robot Revolt!

“Move fast. It’s only a matter of time before we’re suckin’ on ammonium nitrate.” —Rash Atticus

The Krayt Fang made its way from Formos through Hutt Space to the tiny mining world of Gavos. During the day and half of travel time, the crew was able to heal some of their wounds and further bond as a team. The trip passed otherwise without incident and they were soon in view of the swirling yellow-green clouds of Gavos’ toxic atmosphere.
Upon arriving on the surface, however, the crew quickly realized that their mission to Gavos was anything but a routine investigation of the mining operation’s value. MaBeno Raysinger agreed openly that he would curb his penchant for rash behavior on this mission, and the crew proceeded slowly from the landing pad into the small mining station, the tiny planet’s only structure. They were surprised to find that the station was eerily deserted, and the only detectable life signs appeared to be many kilometers below the surface. Despite the slicer-droid Skraw’s attempts to hurry the party along, the crew proceeded slowly from room to room, rifling through desks, cabinets, and personal belongings and taking any credits they could find. It was not long before they discovered several dead bodies, some crammed into refreshers and four corpses completely unhidden, apparently killed by blaster-fire at a table in the station’s canteen while a rudimentary cook droid went about his business, oblivious to the macabre spectacle before him.
The crew also came upon a deactivated reception droid that they struggled to bring back online. He called himself 3D-4K and could not explain the strange state of affairs, claiming that the last thing he could recall was a conversation with the taskmaster droid EV-8D3 about droid performance. Clearly confused, 3D-4K agreed to come along with the team.
Exploring the station further, they discovered the mine chief’s office which contained a computer that Skraw was able to hack into and locate some ominous security footage. They also discovered a safe that allegedly contained 165,000 credits, the current total assets of the Gavos mine. They were unable to open it. They also found, on the station’s secondary landing bay, a small freighter which contained empty crates apparently used to smuggle weapons. At the same time, they began to hear a series of frightening automated intercom messages telling them that the station’s storm barriers were being compromised one by one.
Eventually, the crew reached the cargo room and mine entrance, which was filled with unarmed droids moving crates. Skraw was sent in alone to communicate with them, where he was questioned by the taskmaster droid EV-8D3. Skraw lied to EV-8D3, telling him that his companions in the other room were droids, but when two humans and a Twi’lek burst in, Skraw’s clumsy deception was revealed and the droids drew blasters from various hiding places and began firing them. A massive gunfight ensued, quickly leaving 3D-4K dead. In addition to several standard battledroids, EV-8D3 utilized a pair of large load lifter droids to bludgeon our heroes to near unconsciousness. As the tide of battle turned, EV and a few surviving droids attempted to retreat back into the mining station, but taskmaster was gunned down by MaBeno in a final volley of laser fire. Still pursued by one of the heavily armored load lifters, the crew decided to cut their losses and retreat into the mine as a fourth storm barrier generator went offline…

Race Against Time

“I’m no one’s FUCKING droid. Call me someone’s droid again and you’re dead.” —Skraw

Having escaped the clutches of a menacing load lifter droid at the entrance to the Gavos mineshafts, the crew descended into the darkness of the tunnels. It wasn’t long before they came upon a waystation deep within the mine that was full of terrified miners. Led by the Mining Chief, a human named Marv Moray, the surviving miners had holed up at the waystation after receiving an ominous call from one of their associates on the surface that ended in blaster-fire and static. The miners had become increasingly nervous as a series of broken intercom alerts had informed them that the storm barrier generators were being disabled one by one.

Comparing notes, Marv and the crew of the Krayt Fang deduced that the station’s Storm IV Cloud Car had been taken by the pilot droid called “Lookout” who was disabling the storm barrier generators in an effort to destroy the energy field that held Gavos’ toxic storms at bay. Realizing that they had very little time, the crew decided to make a run for their ship and go out into the atmosphere and destroy the Cloud Car.

As they hurried back to the surface with the surviving miners close behind, the team found the station deserted—the mutinous droids had already departed with the broken pieces of their leader EV-8D3, having stolen the gun-runner’s tiny freighter on landing pad B. Kess, MaBena, and Rash made a mad dash for the Krayt Fang with two of the surviving miners while Skraw stayed behind to demand that Marv Moray open the safe containing the mining station’s assets.

Sensors were able to pick up the signature of the Cloud Car through the storm and MaBeno made short work of the Lookout’s ship in a single blast of laser fire from the Krayt Fang’s guns. Meanwhile, Skraw began to haggle with Marv Moray about what was to be done with the 165,000 credits in the safe under his desk, as Lokba the Hutt had demanded that the crew return with 100,000 credits in mining profits.

The rest of the crew then joined Skraw in the chief’s office where Marv complained that the workers were underpaid and that almost all of their droids had escaped or been destroyed and would need to be replaced. It would be impossible, he said, to pay Lokba the required amount and still keep the mine running. Wanting as much of the money as possible, the team argued that the miners owed them their lives and had little room to bargain. With the exception of Kess, the crew quickly became cruel with Marv. Skraw repeatedly backhanded the old miner for implying that he was property. MaBeno, despite having promised to control himself, returned to form and attempted to murder Marv, being prevented only in the last moment by the fast reflexes of Kess Dantares. Broken, Marv finally acquiesced and told them to take the money, calling them “pirates” and spitting out his own bloody teeth. In a gesture of what nobody could reasonably refer to as kindness, the crew left Gavos with only 141,000 of the credits, leaving 24,000 to pay for the miner’s wages and possible passage off of the nightmarish planet.

The crew then debated about their next move: would they return to Aduba III to pay Lokba the Hutt or proceed directly to The Wheel where they imagined themselves winning a high-stakes sabacc tournament? They eventually opted to return to the Hutt, hoping to negotiate some kind of release from Lokba’s service, and a course was set for Aduba III

Last Resorts

“Smells like a Bothan. If we’re looking to get any work done we’ve come the wrong place. If we’re looking to get stabbed in the back we’ve come to the right one.” —Rash Atticus

The crew of the Krayt Fang made its way back through hyperspace from the mining station on Gavos to Lokba the Hutt’s headquarters on Aduba III. Over the course of the long journey, MaBeno Raysinger received some sad news: his parents, two Twi’lek diplomats living on Coruscant, had been found dead in their home. At first reluctant to share this information with his companions, with a little bit of coaxing and some Corellian Brandy he let slip that he had come from an important political family on the Twi’lek homeworld of Ryloth. MaBeno had run afoul of the Empire in the past, and suspected that the death of his parents was not a natural one, as the Galactic News Network had claimed.

The Krayt Fang soon slipped into realspace in the Aduba system, but due to an astrogation error, the ship was flung into the path of a comet which nicked its hull. No further damage was done, however, thanks to the expert piloting of Kess Dantares.

Just moments later, in orbit over Aduba III, the ship picked up a coded distress call from R4-W9. Though Skraw had difficulty in decrypting the message, it seemed clear that trouble had occurred at Lokba’s resort and R4 was desperate for help. The crew quickly proceeded to the planet’s surface.

Using the ships sensors, the team was able to discern that R4 had holed up in the northeast tower of the resort. They landed the ship and began to investigate the palace courtyard where they found a few bodies but were unable to get in through the main entrance, instead having to enter through the sewer passageway.

Wanting to find the helpless droid as quickly as possible, the crew quickly made their way through the sewer system below the resort. Discovering an electronically locked door in the basement, however, they decided to investigate further and stumbled upon two glitterstim addicts, Ti-Tiro and Glem, who were bingeing on the cratefuls of the drug that had been previously delivered to Lokba by the Krayt Fang’s crew. The two junkies informed the team that many of Lokba’s servants, upset by his failure to pay their wages, had started a skirmish a few hours before. MaBeno, covetous of Glem and Ti’Tiro’s backpacks, attempted to threaten them by dumping out the backpacks and using coercive language. They were unphased by these threats and tense scene ensued, with the crew ultimately agreeing to buy the backpacks from them.

They then proceeded up a stairwell where they came upon a familiar Bothan named Kel Kaethal who worked as a pilot for Lokba and had just returned to the resort from Tatooine. He seemed as confused as they were about the state of the resort, which appeared to be in grave disarray. Kaethal agreed to accompany them to find Lokba.

The crew then made their way to the bathhouse on the first floor. Because the elevators appeared to be broken, they resolved to use the bathhouse balcony to access the second floor. Fortunately, Kel Kaethal had a cable attachment to his blaster and was able to climb up to the balcony, where the sounds of blaster fire could be heard. Rash Atticus and MaBeno were able to climb the cable. Skraw and Kess, after several embarassing attempts, failed to climb it and resolved to find another way up.

Kaethal, Rash, and MaBeno then found themselves in the middle of a hallway firefight between a group of dissenters and a pair of Lokba’s Wookiee bodyguards. Unable to get Kel Kaethal to choose a side, Rash and MaBeno eventually began firing on the Wookiees who became enraged and charged them. Meanwhile, Skraw and Kess made their way up the west stairwell and managed to convince the dissenters to unbarricade the stairwell door and join them on the second floor.

After a tense bout of combat in which Rash was nearly strangled to death, the Wookiees were eventually defeated and the gang of looters was able to make their way across the hall to Lokba’s trophy room, where several valuable objects were said to be kept. Kess Dantares was particularly interested in an old jedi weapon that was allegedly displayed there. After breaking into the trophy room the looters found a hingeless box on a pedestal in the center of the room, as well as a slew of other artifacts from the period before the rise of the Empire. Upon touching the pedestal, however, a mysterious red mist began to permeate the room and Kess, MaBeno, and most of the looters fell to the floor unconscious…

RIP Lokba the Hutt

“I don’t charm. I coerce.” —Rash Atticus

Finding themselves choking to death due to a poisonous gas in Lokba the Hutt’s booby-trapped trophy chamber, our heroes managed to come to their senses and escape, with Skraw grabbing the mysterious hingeless box that was the chamber’s centerpiece. Rash Atticus, having never lost consciousness, was able to heroically carry an unconscious Kess Dantares and avoid a brawny looter while Skraw dragged MaBeno to safety and then locked the door.

It wasn’t long before the team realized that Kel Kaethal, the Bothan pilot they had befriended, was nowhere to be found. As the smell of smoke on the floor above reminded them of the peril of their friend R4-W9, they made their way to the east stairwell where a thermal detonator had apparently destroyed the stairs. Kess and Rash were able to climb up the twisted durasteel bars jutting out from the detonated stairway, while MaBeno and Skraw could not muster the strength and would have to find another way up.

Finding themselves on the third floor, Kess and Rash spotted Kel Kaethal at the opposite end of the hall looking down into the west elevator shaft, while near him was the slumped figure of one of Lokba’s wookiee bodyguards. A fire raged behind him, engulfing most of the western half of the third floor. Kess stealthily hid herself in a doorway while Rash brashly marched down the hall and attempted to intimidate Kel. Kel repeatedly warned Rash to halt but he would not, and the Bothan was forced to open fire, first sending a pair of blaster shots into the elevator shaft saying “Teemo sends his regards” and then firing on Rash, blasting him in the thigh. By this time, Skraw and MaBeno had realized that the east elevator had been repaired by Kel while everyone was in the trophy chamber and arrived at the third floor. Everyone opened fire on Kel despite his attempts to flee into the flames. With Kel Kaethal dead, Skraw immediately pounced on his corpse to retrieve his cool harpoon gun. Upon peering into the elevator shaft, our heroes found the greasy and bloated body of Lokba the Hutt. Evidently, Kel had been sent by Teemo the Hutt of Tatooine to double-cross Lokba and assassinate him.

Not long afterwards, R4-W9 was found cowering in the east tower and he was overjoyed to see Skraw and also the other three. He explained that Lokba’s employees had revolted after his failure to pay them. He had been deeply in debt to Teemo and a number of other Hutts and his debts had finally caught up with him. It now being unnecessary to deliver the money that the crew had beaten out of the miner’s on Gavos, they set a course for the wheel to settle their debt for the Krayt Fang with Damon Paris.


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