Star Wars: Edge of the Empire


From the Secret Journal Of Rash Atticus

Dear Space Diary,

Remember one time we went to that one planet to try and find a bunch of technology in an old ship from back in the day, and it was a jungle planet and some Nexu showed up and I murdered them? And Skraw was trying to climb up something to get away but you know how that goes. He needs to get some jump boots or some shit.

And then like an idiot I skinned the nexu and got covered in blood. I remember Mabeno gave me this look like: you are gross. When you’re an adult, it’s not like you don’t get hurt feelings. You just get better at covering them up.

What do I even want a nexu skin for???

Later we were leaving the ruins of the ship and we got cornered by some cyborg nexu. That was bullshit.


rohanflinn unckles

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