Rash Atticus

Brooding Bodyguard with Next Level Abs


He’s gone, but not forgotten.


Rash Atticus was born on Bestine IV to parents who worked in middle-management of a ship-building company. Early on Rash demonstrated a natural sense of fairness, which was encouraged by his parents, and which, at the age of ten, led him to declare his desire to be a police officer to a local official who had been caught stealing speeders.

Right out of college, Rash applied to and hired by the Correllian Police Services. He put in only a year before his hard work and derring-do paid off when he uncovered a massive Chak root smuggling ring and, in a deadly firefight, killed the ringleader, “Gort W’Armouri” while escaping from an ambush. Rash’s fame spread sector-wide when it was discovered that Gort W’Armouri wasn’t just a Chak Root smuggler, he was in fact a minor level Selkath General and Clone Wars war criminal, Krantu Draggz!

It was only days before Imperial Intelligence recruited brash young Rash to their mysterious ranks. After two years of training, Rash was assigned to the Infiltration Division of the agency and was told to get as close as he could to a new but dangerous organization led by one Tyber Zann. This “Zann Consortium” had its thick fingers in a baker’s dozen different crime-pies, and Rash was to infiltrate its lucrative pirating-for-hire business. After some intense mnemonic training he would rather forget, Rash joined the crew of the pirate space ship The Sneaky Gorax posing as a scruffy Nerf-murderer from Corellia named Skrill Nimbus. Over the course of six months, Rash not only became great friends with all 20 of the ships skulldugerous crew, he also gained the trust and the bed of the legendary female captain, Jonuna Showanny. Soon he was on his way to a secret loot horde for an introduction to Zann himself. With a plasma-microphone hidden behind his right eye and a vibro-knife in each action-boot, Rash was ready to take Tyber Zann down.

But there was one thing Rash didn’t count on.


When Zann accused Captain Jonuna of betrayal and prepared to hurl her into the Worrt pit, Rash felt a rush of feeling unlike anything he had felt before. He leapt to save her, and in the process revealed himself as the highly trained Imperial Operative he was. With a Worrt sitting on his face, Rash saw little else… until he awoke in one of Tyber’s hidden dungeons deep inside a lonely asteroid.

Torture. Boredom. Rash spent the months wondering if Jonuna still lived and vowing bloody vengeance on the Zann Consortium. It took him three years to fashion the soap battledroid that was the key to his daring and murderous escape. But when he returned to I.I. Headquarters on Coruscant bearing stolen documents that proved Zann’s guilt beyond a shadow of a doubt, he found that things had changed. Three years is a long time— long enough for the Zann Consortium to grow even more powerful, and long enough for Zann to make highly placed friends in Imperial Intelligence itself. They took Zann’s documents and later that night a squad from the Adjustments Branch tried to take his life. Rash escaped by the skin of his teeth, killing a half dozen I.I. elites in the process. Rash changed his identity and managed to get off planet. Four months and ten planets later, he has made his way to the fringe of the galaxy appears to have shaken the last of his I.I. trackers.

Rash has been putting his weapons training and history with the underground to good use, hiring himself out as a bodyguard to traveling crimelords under the name Rycar Ryjerd. His only hope is that this upstart rebellion he’s been hearing about will shake things up enough for his enemies to forget him. He still wonders if Jonuna lives, but he can’t risk drawing the attention of the pirates he betrayed by trying to find out.

For now Rash stands alone. His life has been dedicated to justice, but after what’s happened justice seems like a joke— a mean-spirited trick played on a naive little boy. The twin embers of vengeance and love still smolder faintly within him, but they are stifled by the twin bummers of disillusion and regret. There is no one to trust— his people at Imperial intelligence want him dead, and if he ran into his former friends from The Sneaky Gorax they’d gut him for a traitor. And for all he knows, Zann is right behind him.

For now, Rash’s focus is purely on survival. He’s got nothing but his skills, his Slugthrower Rifle, a couple stun grenades, and knife. And— unbeknownst even to him— a non-functional eyeball-mounted plasma microphone still carrying incontrovertible proof of Zann’s crimes.

Rash Atticus

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